The dogs in the Working Group were bred to perform jobs such as guarding property, water rescue and  pulling sleds. These dogs are very intelligent and quick to learn.

These dogs are used for Assistance, Therapy, rescue, Search Herding, Sled, Hunting, Guarding, Tracking, Cadaver,, Drug Sniffing, Bomb Detection, Police work.

They come in all shapes and sizes and should be well socialized and obedience trained,


AkitaAlaskan Malamute
Anatolian Shepherd DogBernese Mountain Dog
Black Russian TerrierBoxer
BullmastiffDoberman Pinscher
German PinscherGiant Schnauzer
Great DaneGreat Pyrenees
Greater Swiss Mountain DogKomondor
Neapoliton MastiffNewfoundland Dog
Portugese Water DogRottweiler
Saint BernardSamoyed
Siberian HuskyStandard Schnauzer
Tibetan Mastiff