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Wings of Rescue – Thousand Palms – June 21, 2014

Animal Samaritans SPCA, Riverside County’s Coachella Valley Animal Campus, Wings of Rescue, and numerous volunteers came together to send 54 dogs on two flights to Idaho and Washington to safety and potential homes. There’s a lot of i’s that have to be dotted, and a lot of t’s that need to be crossed, in order for a flight like this to happen. Behavioral assessments, videos for rescues, paperwork and medical records, medical exams and health certificates, fundraising for the flight and so much more. It takes a village for a flight like this to take off – but everyone who was involved cannot wait for it to happen again!

Special Thanks to: Stacie Dasinger, Yehuda Netanel, Andrea Avoian, and too many more to name.

Music: “Reunited” by Kevin Macleod

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