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Wheaten Terrier Grooming and Handling Aggression Rehabilitation

Hudson is a seven-year-old Wheaten Terrier that shows extreme aggression whenever anyone tried to brush his face. The family’s groomer had been bitten so many times, that she had refused services until Hudson’s owners sought out a specialist for his aggression. Trainer Kerry Hall shows the before and after of Hudson’s grooming rehabilitation. Even though this dog has been practicing this behavior for half a decade, he was not only able to be rehabilitated, but he actually began to enjoy the grooming.

Kerry Hall is the owner and head trainer of Flash Dog Training. She is a certified Canine Training Specialist and Behavior Consultant. For nearly a decade, Kerry has been helping dog owners in five different states to achieve their training goals and create the relationship they have always dreamt of with their dogs.

Kerry has worked in many facets of the dog world including shelters, daycares, boarding kennels, breed specific recues and training companies before starting her own business.

Kerry believes in using a wide range of tools and techniques to achieve success in training. Being a balanced trainer means seeing each dog and owner as individuals and adjusting the approach accordingly using both corrections and positive reinforcement.

Flash Dog Training services the Denver, Colorado Metro area ranging from, but not limited to, Aurora, Arvada, Castle Rock, Commerce City, Denver, Englewood, Lakewood, Littleton, Thornton, and Wheat Ridge.


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