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Weimaraner loose lead walking, training loose leash and control in a highly reactive dog

weimaraner dog having training for extreme reactivity or reactivity on lead towards various stimuli which included lunging at children. “how to stop a dog Pulling on lead” and “How to stop my dog from lunging and snapping” were to questions from this dog owner. Take the lead dog training used a selection of dog training methods to achieve what you see here. Heavy on reward training using clicker training and positive reinforcement, whilst also using interruptions and corrections in response to the behaviour of the dog. Having a dog not pull on leash or not pull on lead is essential to achieving control and obedience. Teaching a dog to stop lunging at people or becoming reactive on lead is an absolute must. you will see here that the dog is focused on the handler and the lead is loose throughout. Please post questions or thoughts.
take the lead dog training

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