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Anal Glands

How to Empty (Express) a Dog’s Anal Glands

Your dog has two anal glands. They are grape sized and are located just below the anus. There is one on either side of the anus at the 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock positions. These glands secrete and they give other dogs vital information about each other including age, sex and health. This is what the dog smells when he sniffs another dogs rear end when they first meet. This is also why they want to smell other dog’s poop. Sometimes the fluid in these glands builds up and it causes the dog to scoot on the carpet and bite or lick his anus. This can happen before or after defecation. Small dogs are more prone to anal sac disorders but it can happen to any breed. It is fairly easy to express anal glands and doing so will keep your dog be healthy and comfortable. You can also get your veterinarian to do this for you. Even sometimes your groomer will do this. But doing it yourself will save you time and money. You should see your veterinarian the first time to make sure you are doing it properly as unnecessary or improper expression could give your dog health problems

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Dogs Anal Glands
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