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UV Blacklight Flashlight – Best Dog and Cat Urine Light I Ever Purchased

Best UV LED Flashlight — A Review of the Simon UV Blacklight Flashlight Dry Urine Detector HERE

The Simon Flashlights UV Black Light Flashlight Urine Detector is the best buy for finding stains that I have seen. It is easy to handle and weighs just a few ounces.

Our pet greyhound had separation anxiety and would have accidents now and then. After she was gone we cleaned our carpets, but the Simon UV pet urine detector highlighted several spots that were still stained. Now we can really get the carpet clean.

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The 14 ultraviolet flashlight leds provide uniform coverage and high power of the narrow bandwidth beam with just the right spectral properties. Power is supplied in the form of 3 AAA batteries encased in a small cage.

I bought the Simon UV Stain Detector flashlight through Amazon. I found the price reasonable and the quality of workmanship outstanding. This little wonder is a really good buy.

Get your Simon UV Black Light Urine Detector flashlight HERE:

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