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Treatment for Arthritis in Dogs – Causes, Symptoms, Signs, Prevention, Remedies

Arthritis in Dogs – – Treatment with natural medicine, causes, symptoms, signs, problems, prevention and remedies.

***** WARNING: Arthritis is common, and it affects one in every five dogs in the United States. *****

Arthritis is a disease that can affect dogs of any age. Dog arthritis affects your dog’s joints, and the diagnosis generally comes when dog owners discover that his or her pet has had a change in activity.

Arthritis is caused when the cartilage that protects the bones and connects the joints is broken down. With the joint exposed, wear and tear cause pain. Arthritis is common, and it affects one in every five dogs in the United States. It is the root of chronic pain.

Dog arthritis can cause your dog to gain weight, sleep more, have difficulty standing, or even be less alert. It is important for owners to pick up on changes in their dog, and to visit the vet as soon as possible for a diagnosis. The vet will evaluate the dog, and an X-ray may be necessary.

Arthritis can be caused by
– trauma,
– obesity,
– dislocation,
– a bone fracture,
– or just aging in general.

All breeds are susceptible.

If your dog has received a diagnosis of arthritis, there is a product that can help. It is called Mobility CARE+ by PetVitalix, and it supports joint health and flexibility with pure ingredients, including

– Glucosamine,
– MSM (also known as Methylsulfonylmethane),
– Chondroitin and additional
– Vitamin C and Manganese.

The advanced formula and the combination of these ingredients have been shown to be most effective in reversing pain of arthritis. Dogs love the chewable tablets, so owners love how easy it is to get their dog to eat them. Restore your dog’s joint health, and bring comfort once and for all.

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