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Training dogs to love paw touches

Just a quick video I made. The reason I made this was that I have seen so many dogs on youtube and in person who give there paw, but try to pull away as soon as they go to ‘shake paws’. So I made this video. Its probably not the best as its the first time I’ve ever counter conditioned a dog to love his paws being touched as Ive never needed to before. Alfie was very patient with me while we experimented, and this dog saw the clicker for the first time just a week before, so I must say he did very well =].
He was only supposed to be staying with us for 2 weeks but seeing as the UK airspace is closed due to volcanic ash his and Stan’s owners are now stuck in Florida. More time for training =].
The signs that show your dog is uncertain are when they lick your hand, look at your hand, look away from your hand in the opposite direction, dont look at you or are constantly licking there lips. Oh and lifting there paw. Alfie showed some of these, however if they turn to look at you then that is a sign they are ok and happy for you to be touching there paw. Of course you are welcome to correct me on any of this as this is the first time I tried this and I am just going on what I saw.
I also used my nans new puppy to show how I trained Indi to be confident with feet. Every Springer I’d ever met had been very uncomfortable with there feet being touched, so the first thing I decided when I got Indi was that wasn’t going to happen with him. So everyday while he was sleeping, or playing, or just randomly I would rub his paws, go in the toes and then do the same with his back feet. The result? Indi is the most calmest Springer I have ever met when having his feet touched. This came especially in handy when he split his paw pad, when my nan was treating him she was amazed at his amazing temproment and how calm he was.
And of course Ernie is the final result =]. I did a bit of counter conditioning with him as he was always happy with his feet being touched, but not with going in the toes. So now hes completely happy about it all. Being able to go in the toes is especially useful for if they get thorns stuck in there toes, for nail clipping and for long-haired dogs (like Indi) that have fluff between there toes which frequently knots up.
I hope you enjoyed it, please comment and tell me what you thought. As I said, its not perfect and theres lots of mistakes I make but as it was my first go, and it worked I’m pretty pleased =].
One last thing, today we lost Max. I am in shock and cannot believe he has really gone, but he was in so much pain, the vet couldnt believe how bad he was. On Saturday he couldnt put his back leg down, same on Sunday so today we took him to the vets and they said he was in so much pain that it was best to put him to sleep. It’s unbelievably hard but he is no longer in pain, he can run free without his hips stopping him and is happy.

So to end on a bright note, thanks for watching =].

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