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Top 10 Amazing Facts About The Westie – West Highland White Terrier

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The best way to describe this wee west highland terrier breed from Scotland is simply to say that he’s so full of self-esteem that he knows he’s the best thing around. Always on the lookout for a good time, he’ll make you laugh while he entertains himself. He’s friendly and happy, with a lively nature that endears him to everyone (except small rodents), especially when he cocks his head to the side and looks at you quizzically.

A west highland white terrier can have terrier traits (no surprise there). He will dig, bark, and go after vermin. But with proper training, he can be trained to only bark once and to not dig at all, although some dogs are less easily discouraged than others. The vermin chasing, however, is hardwired, and no amount of training will alter it.

A westie does well in multidog homes, unless there is more than one intact male (and he’s one of them). Though westies can get used to cats. They cannot adapt to small pets, such as rabbits and birds, because of his strong prey drive.

west highland terrier puppies are generally easy to train if it’s done in a positive and consistent way. Bear in mind that a westie terrier has a strong will and great self-esteem, which can cause some training difficulties if training becomes boring or is too harsh.

A westie dogs coat is easy to groom and only requires regular brushing. If he’s not clipped, his coat requires stripping about twice a year.
He’s a low shedder.

Although a westie dog doesn’t require as much exercise as other breeds, the Westie still needs one or two daily walks or play sessions. He generally has a low energy level inside the house, though individual dogs vary in this regard.

A Westie is adaptable and will do well in any type of dwelling, including apartments (although if he isn’t trained out of barking, he’s likely to cause difficulties with the neighbors).

He’s a social dog who gets along well with everyone. He likes children of every age, but he’s better suited to homes with older children.

westies can be left for long periods of time when his people are working. Turning on a radio, providing toys and kongs, and crating him are the key strategies to use.

If you are a fastidious gardener, the westie is not your best choice, since he may become fond of digging up plants and be just a tad too enthusiastic about helping you garden.

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