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This Dog Cancer Diet Stops, Reverses and Prevents Dog Cancer

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Video Transcription:

Hi and welcome to the Australian outback, I’m Dan Scott.
Todays question is: My dog has been diagnosed with Cancer, is there anything you can do to help?

We’re too familiar with the word, and it’s no less tragic in dogs as it is in human beings. Cancer is believed to be caused by an immune system that has been compromised in some way, and it generally reveals itself at an advanced age.

And with nine out of ten dog health problems directly related to diet, it’s already established that the inevitable result of a commercial diet is, in fact, a compromised immune system. But in this case is doesn’t take years to manifest. The changes in DNA resulting from an over-stressed immune system can begin earlier in life.

Cancer is a preventable condition. Research clearly shows proper nutrition helps support and maintain a dog’s body naturally. While I cannot say conclusively in all cases a diet change will heal a dog with cancer, I have witnessed the remission of cancer in dogs when following a natural raw food diet.

One caveat here: if your dog already has cancer, start him on a natural diet using organic ingredients as soon as possible. This will help to reduce the burden resulting from food additives, and with good fortune, facilitate the remission of the cancer.
Remember, natural whole raw food is also healing medicine for carnivores — it is in fact, the only medicine available to an animal in the wild — and a far superior remedy to drugs and chemotherapy.

In my opinion it’s your best chance at healing cancer, and can be highly effective when used alongside a regimen of care from a holistic veterinarian service.

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