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The Lion dog Tibetan Mastiff

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thTibetan Mastiff

Weight = 140 – 220 pounds (64 – 99 kg)
Height = 25 – 28 inches (61 – 71 cm)
Origin : Tibet
Life span : 10 : 12 years
Characteristics :
Tibetan Mastiff is a huge dog with thick hair, and is known as the lion dog because of its bulkiness and strength, it is used to guard and it is of the best guard dogs in the world. It is also used in hunting and herding sheep and cows.
These breeds are very vast in the body and has a great intelligence . It is not easy to train these dogs are very self-confident and doesn’t fear of anything and that Because of the magnitude of her body and the strength of her personality which makes them very stubborn dogs in its actions.
This breed needs a major effort of daily exercises to keep fit and doesn’t put on weight or affected by obesity. This breed is very sensitive to strangers and attack immediately if doesn’t feel safety.
e lion dog

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