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The cutest, fastest, most playful Hungarian Vizsla on the planet – by far :-)

Meet our Hungarian Vizsla, Poppy and Cleo the Vizsla Pointers have been part of the family since they were Puppies. They are a fantastic pair that are great fun to be around. Anyone that knows the Hungarian Vizsla will know they are Dogs that like a lot of exercise, so if you are going to have one make sure you enjoy walking or have the space to let them run free. They have a great character and when younger (and older) can act quite Crazy which is fun to watch; they are very loyal. Our Vizsla just love to run and play fight, though they never hurt each other it looks quite dramatic at times. They also make for great Guard Dogs and are very protective of their surroundings. Sorry about the video being a bit jumpy, I’ll do others which are better so please bear with me, in the meantime I hope you enjoy the escapades of our Hungarian Vizsla.

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