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Teaching Your Dog to Drop

How to Teach Your Dog to Drop – as part of the expert series by GeoBeats.

Now we are going to work on ‘drop’ and I consider ‘drop’ again this is my emergency commands. You never know what the dog is going to have in their mouth that you need them to drop immediately. And also what kind of value that is for them. I mean they could have a top of the can, they can have the medicine bottle. So, you really want to make sure that you have a stellar ‘drop’.

And I always suggest that you have a really good ‘drop’ command before you start teaching ‘tug’. So you want to make sure that your dog understands to drop and then you are in control of the game.

So the first thing is, and I want to know she will possess this or not. When the dog is possessing this – take it in your mouth, there you go – I am just going to gently go like that, say the word ‘drop’ and I am going to leave the toy right next to her face.

Drop, yes, good girl. Ok, got it, yeah. Got that, Ok. Alright, drop. Yes, good girl.

And what you should do is put a little pressure on that. It usually get them to release it and you want to leave it right infront of their face. And the reason for that is that what we do as humans is we always jerk things out of dog’s mouth. And that causes them to go after it and possess it. And the next time you want them to drop something they are like no, you took it away from me last time.

So when you are teaching it its a real good idea to once they have taken out of their mouth, to actually keep it right beside their mouth. Let them go back for it again. When they go back for it again, you do that little pressure right there on the both sides of their teeth, and they will drop it out. You leave it there, you say the word ‘drop’, they take it back, you do that, they drop it out of the mouth. And then you start saying ‘drop’ and they just start dropping out of their mouth.
Because it is not being taken away from them. It is still theirs. What they are learning is that you just have to drop it.

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