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Sweet April ,Gone too soon..wmv

We took this beautiful little girl from Hawkesbury Pound into foster care on the Monday and buried her on Friday.
Sweet April; was suffering from Heart Failure, Respiratory distress and wet lung as a result of severe Aortic Stenosis.
The rescue community raised almost $1000 for her overnight so she could have the very best specialist care available but it was too late for this baby girl, nothing could save her so the kindest thing I could do was to giver her her wings with love. I was shattered, this darling little dog was only 1 year old.

In those 4 short days my family showed her what it was like to be truely loved as part of a family and when her time came she was in my arms with her favorite blanky bunny toy smiling up at me.
We brought her home and buried her with love under the big Azalea bush. Never to be forgotten.

To the asshole who never sought vet care for her and then dumped her to die alone and nameless may Karma be swift and savage!

April will be fondly remembered by all those generous big hearted people who tried so hard to help her, myself and my family, both skin and fur.

Godspeed my darling, play free, we miss you every day and have cried you an ocean of tears. This is one more way for you to be remembered and admired. Thankyou for sharing your last few days with us, we were blessed to have known you xoxoxoxxo

Everyday dogs die in pounds, nameless and homeless after their owner decides they no longer want them. This is a tragedy and needs to STOP!
A dog is a responsability for life and they are not disposable!!!!!

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