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Shaking dog

Help me find out what is wrong with my dog.

My dog is having health issues and nobody seems to know what is going on with him. I have talked to a few vets and had blood work done to no avail. Both vets said it doesn’t seem like a seizure, and blood tests have ruled out Addison’s Disease.

The symptoms are this:
His body begins trembling very violently almost like a muscle spasm. The trembling continues to worsen until he usually begins to pant very deeply. During this episode his ears go up and back while his eyes widen. He seems to be very uncomfortable during this and has a tendency to want to go hide somewhere or burrow under a blanket or pillow. Generally, if he is left alone and not excited in any way, the trembling and/or panting will fade away in 5 or 10 minutes. The episodes, however, seem to be getting more frequent.

If you have any idea what is wrong with him, please email me.

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