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Did you know about the Puppy Crying App that’s used in this video to help find puppies?

In the meantime, a beautiful mama Husky made an appearance. She came to see what we were doing on her street, but ran back down to the end of the court.

Kelle, seeing what a beautiful dog she was, called to her and I watched in amazement while the gorgeous Husky ran back up the road directly to Kelle! It was clear that mama Husky had recently had puppies as her teets were red and swollen.

Kelle was very concerned that she could have mastitis. We followed mama to the end of the court to see if Kelle could find her babies.

She used an app that plays puppies crying which has worked in the past to have a mama take Kelle to her puppies. She looked under cars and RV’s and in the bushes to no avail.

No puppies! Mama was howling as if in mourning for her puppies, whatever happened to them. It was heart-wrenching to hear.

This beautiful dog was not afraid of humans and was very interactive which could mean that she’d been dumped. She had been loved by someone, sometime in her life.

Could we not find where her puppies were hidden? Were they stolen, sold, or had died? This we did not know.

One thing Kelle did know is that she had to take this mama Husky to the vet and get her off the streets. Meet Maxie.

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Deanna Vollano

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