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Rescue lab rottweiler Spike on his way to his forever home via Wings of Rescue

Almost a month ago today i was contacted by a local man with cancer pulling at his last straw to find a home for his senior dog before he surrendered him to OC animal shelter the following day at 2pm where he would have been euthanized that day…. I got his post on my Lost & Found Pets page a community page i started around the same time, I immediately responded and told him I would be over to help his dog as no rescues were responding to his need to find a home (rescues are over filled with dogs in need)… His dog needed rescuing badly… I met an incredible woman who saw my post of needing to find a home for Spike in my rescue venture… That day I bathed Spike compliments of Dirty Dog Wash and got Spike all cleaned up I networked Spike and was having no luck.. .sadly not many want to adopt a senior dog :'(… Luckily thru my Rotties page my fellow Rottweiler Rescue friend Kim who fell in love and wanted to adopt Spike!! So that brings us to today where Spike spent the night with our pack and got all cleaned up, we feed him green tripe & set him up for a good nights sleep on our bed for his flight today via Wings of Rescue!! Truly bittersweet! So happy for Spike who is on a private jet to his new family in Oregon!

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