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Puppy Foundation Skills Part Three: A Pro-active Approach to Puppy Nipping

Puppy nipping is normal and expected behavior in a young dog, but it can be painful for the pet owner and, without pro-active intervention at an early age, can lead to the development of even more challenging behaviors later on. In this video I’m demonstrating some simple, but effective exercises to curb puppy nipping that teach self-control utilizing 100% force-free methods. At Bridges we do not advocate confrontational techniques such as lip pinches, towel bops, startling the puppy with pennies in a can, spraying the puppy with citronella or water, scruff shakes, or alpha-rolls. For more information on reinforcement-based training, please go to or check out Bridges Dog Training on facebook for more videos and training tips. I also teach online clicker classes at

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