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Potty Training West Highland White Terrier Westies! -Potty Training West Highland White Terrier Westies. I f potty training a West Highland White Terrier Westie that you brought home you need to know how to potty train your new puppy.Terriers,like most small breeds can take longer to potty train than larger breeds of dogs.This is the time to be patient and to keep a constant watch on your West Highland puppy when he wakes up,plays hard and right after he eats.These are the prime times that your pup will need to go to potty train.He will soon find a favorite spot and then you will not have to spend hours/days /months untraining him from going in that undesirable spot on your carpet. Teach him to go on a puppy pee pad or in one spot or outside.Both of these methods require countless times of saying the same words or motions at the same time each day.. Consistency is the key to train your White Terrier as quickly as possible.It can take several months before they are completely trustworthy, so find a spot when you leave them alone. Some place, where it won’t matter if they have an accident.West Highland White Terriers came from the islands and highlands of Scotland.They were bred on purpose to be completely white in color and this is how they got their name.Your West Highland White Terrier is very dominant dog, So, you have to become his own personal Dog Whisperer and take control or he will.You will want a long and happy relationship with your new puppy,so don’t wait before bad potty habits, annoying constant barking and unwanted play biting are established.
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