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My Dog’s Anal Glands are Blocked – Unblock Once and For Life

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My dogs anal glands are blocked what can I do?

Dog scent glands positioned at the exit of the anus produces a hormone used as a calling card to other dogs. Many dogs have blocked sacs necessitating emptying by a veterinarian or groomers in the US and can cause soft tissue trauma from repeated expression.

Dogs Anal Glands Blocked – How?

Most often the reason why dogs get blocked anal glands is because of the dog’s diet. Stools consisting of commercial dog food are pushed out as soft or sloppy waste, while a natural real food diet is squeezed out under pressure.

This causes the anal gland to release and empty on a daily basis, returning your dog to its natural state and behavior.

Real food in its whole unprocessed form besides being optimal nutrition for your dog is also free of the lengthy processing that turns waste food into pet food with an array of synthetic often toxic additives that your dogs body just wants expel as fast as possible, hence the soft sloppy stools and blocked anal glands.

My advice would be avoid anal sac expression by hand which can lead to tissue trauma and switch your dog’s diet to their optimal biologically appropriate food source and never worry about blocked glands again.

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