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Miniature Fox Terrier – Video Learning –

The “Miniature Fox Terrier” is a small, fine, lightweight working terrier developed as a hunting dog and vermin router. It is known colloquially in its native Australia as the “Mini Foxie”.

A balanced, smoothly-muscled dog breed, the Miniature Fox Terrier has a small sized, distinctive head with erectile ears that can stand straight up or fold at the tips. Another distinguishing feature is its articulate, oval-shaped foot – a feature found in very few small breeds of dog. The breed standard has always allowed for the dog’s tail to be docked or undocked, however owners need to be aware of and obey local laws in this regard. Natural bobtails are known to occur. There are only three permitted colour combinations: black & white, tan & white, and black, tan & white). The coat of the Miniature Fox Terrier is always short and fine. Weight is 3.5 to 5.5 kilograms and height at the withers is 9.5 to 12.0 inches .

Miniature Fox Terriers are closely related to the Toy Fox Terrier, a breed that developed along similar lines in the United States. Some Toy Fox Terrier owners can trace their dogs’ pedigrees to “Foiler”, the first Fox Terrier registered by the Kennel Club in Britain, circa 1875-6. Other related breeds include the Jack Russell Terrier, the Rat Terrier, and the Tenterfield Terrier.

Bred for hunting rodents and rabbits principally, these dogs are known for their speed and agility. With the ruthlessness of their attack on rodent pest species and their ability to squeeze into and out of tight spaces, they have made themselves an indispensable part of many Australian farms since the 19th Century. Miniature Fox Terriers have proved well-suited to being domestic pets in more urban environments . Their diminutive size, short clean hair and loyal acceptance of their place in the social hierarchy make them good pets, particularly in households with small children. They thrive on positive socialisation and are happy to be rewarded with pats and praise when being trained and trainers do not have to rely on treats to obtain a good result.

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