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Lubbock dog needs heart surgery, and a loving home

Charity is a boxer mix that is nearly one year old. She loves to play with her foster parents. She has a beautiful brown coat, sleek body and acts just like every other dog her age. However, Charity had a problem that no one knew about.

“The vet saw that she had a birth defect in her heart called a pulmonic stenosis,” said Humane Society volunteer Jackie Baltron.

It’s a disease that disrupts the functioning of valves in the heart, increasing pressure, like when you put your thumb over the end of a garden hose. Blood sprays from behind the valves into the heart rather than flowing normally. The disease is easily fixed with surgery, but the surgery costs $3,600 and the Humane Society is seeking donations to help save Charity’s life.

They have raised over $300 dollars, so far, but they still need lots of help. There are many ways people can donate.

“They can go online to Charity’s Broken Heart and we have donation jars out at the Humane Society adoption events at both Petsmart stores every Saturday. We’re also planning a big charity yard sale on October 13th and 14th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at 3242 91st Street right by 91st and Indiana. We’re going to have baked goods, sodas, coffee, dog treat bags and a whole bunch of great yard sale stuff. Charity will be there for photos.”

People who want to donate items for the garage sale can drop them off at the Humane Society West Texas office 5106 Avenue T, which is the intersection of 50th and T, on Friday October 12.

After the surgery Charity should have no side effects and live a normal, happy life. Whoever chooses to adopt her will get a great dog.

“She loves squeaky toys and playing with other dogs. She’s just a really sweet girl. She’ll live a perfectly normal life. She’ll be able to play and run and do everything like every other dog and she won’t have any side effects from the surgery. She’s such a happy dog,” Baltron said.

Those interested in adopting or helping out can go to Charity’s Facebook page which is or you can email charity’ If you have any further questions you can call Charity’s foster parent Betsy Painter at (806) 777-5858.

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