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K-9 Officer Saves Ambushed Partner

This is K9 Lucas. He is a black Belgian Malinois. In Pearlington, Mississippi, Deputy Todd Frazier was on patrol with Lucas and he saw a car at a deserted rest stop. There was a man inside the car so Deputy Frazier stopped to see if the driver was alright. Two men stepped out of the shadows and surprised the deputy. One of the men cut the deputy across the forehead with a razor. The second man choked him and the third man grabbed his legs to carry him to the woods. The men had intended to kill the deputy and leave his body in the woods. Frazier was fortunately able to hit a button that was around his neck. The button released the back door of his patrol car and let Lucas out. Lucas lept into action and bit the deputy’s attackers who then tried to run to their car. Lucas had bit one of the attackers legs and was hanging on. He suffered from some bruises to his shoulder and a few chipped teeth. He was also covered in blood that belonged to the attackers because he was able to get in some serious bites on them before they ran away. The three men remain at large. Deputy Frazier suffered a gash on his forehead and some bruises. He is expected to be okay thanks to K9 Lucas

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