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How to Train your dog to Shake Hands, Give the Other Paw, Wave, High 5, Give 10, Show a Sore Paw

This is another Tonya Tutorial starring Tonya and teaching:
Shake Hands and Give Other Paw with tips and general steps to teach your dog to Wave, Give High 5, Give me 10 and Show me your sore paw (later progresses to Limp)
I will be doing detailed Step-by-Step tutorials on these tricks by themselves in future tutorials.
Getting your dog used to you touching their paws and holding them.
Training your dog to lift his paws by himself.
Training your dog to put his paw in your hand on command.
Training your dog to lift his paw for a shake on cue.
Training other Paw.
Tips and general instructions for training High 5, Wave, Give me 10 and Sore Paw.
A more detailed tutorial will be posted for these tricks soon. As well as additional ones on limp, cross your paws and having your dog put his paws on your leg, teaching him to hide his face, and more!

Enjoy! ~Talented K9 Tonya

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