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How To Stop Puppy Nipping and Biting

So many of my dog training clients and students complain that their new puppy bites and nips really hard, and the more they tell him No or push him away, the worse he gets. Especially when kids are involved–who tend to scream in a very high-pitched voice, throw their hands up out of the way, and run. All of which simply ramps up the puppy’s excitement and often turns it into what the owner fears is serious aggression. But there’s a simple reason: Puppies NEED to tug, bite, shake, chase. They’re wired for it. Yelling and pushing only increase his arousal, and often, frustration.

All you need to do is give Puppy an outlet for those instinctive play behaviors, while also teaching him to play properly. Tug! Tug and tug!
Then when he’s tired out, take him out for a potty break and put him in is crate with a chew toy.

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