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How to Stop Food Aggression in Dogs|Food Aggressive Dogs|How To Train a Dog How to Stop Food Aggression in Dogs will show you how to teach a dog not to growl or get aggressive when you put down your dogs food bowl. Food is what dogs live for and they will protect it and defend it. It can be dangerous messing with their food unless you know what you are doing.

Food aggression in dogs can be potentially dangerous so learning how to control
this type of aggression is a good idea. With that being said this is common in many dogs.Just because their are food aggressive dogs It does not mean the dog is an aggressive or problem dog if this behavior is displayed only around food. But you do want to monitor any aggression in dogs and get the behavior fixed.

What are signs of food aggression in dogs?

Usually you see your pooch stiffen his body. Most likely you will see this especially in the shoulders and neck. And holding his downward usually accompanies this as he bascially
hovers over his food. He is total guard mode. You may see darting eyes is if there is more than than 1 threat to take his food or he can have fixed stare on the one person or one dog that is a threat.

Not for all breeds but usually you will see a stiff tail tucked or maybe down. The ears can be pulled back somewhat and your dog may look like a frozen statue till the threat leaves

As a human personally I don’t like people messing with my food and I can be territorial just as dogs can often become territorial around their food bowl or any source of food.

Signs of food aggressive dogs can include growling, snapping or maybe biting which can include biting a person or another dog.Since aggressive dog behavior is not appropriate you want to learn how to stop food aggression in dogs.

You want a well behaved dog for it is in the interest of the dog for his own
happiness and health. And if you allow aggressive behavior and it is not
controlled it has potential for dire consequences to others or your dog himself.

Once again in the commandments of any good dog training it is important that
you establish yourself as the Alpha dog around your dog. Your dog or puppy needs to know you are the one in charge, the top of the rank, leader of the pack and you are the one providing the food and that you also are the head honcho around the food bowl where you would get first dibs if you wanted the food yourself. Your dog or dogs need to recognize this is the order of things & that he is next in the hierarchy rather than being at the top.

In the wild alpha dogs would be the first to eat, have the better sleeping spots for a start and were first to lead the pack.

I have seen some people recommend that you eat first and feed the dog after but I am not sure that is even necessary. I have also seen some people say not to let your dog on elevated places like a bed or sofa cause they will then think you are the dogs equal.

The goal you want to achieve with aggression whether it is dog or puppy food aggression is to have your dog realize you are in charge and that also you are no threat. That is very important.

You also want your dog to know he has to earn his rewards and food. So you can train him to sit before he gets the signal to eat and you can call him to you when it is time to shower him with pets, praise and all out doggy love.

Be clear this is not about thinking humans are God or controlling of animals but this is only necessary for training to create a happy and healthy and safe life for you and your canine. This is not about dominating a species by any means. It is about the dog respecting you as a pack leader.

Whether there is food aggression in puppies or dogs, they need to know you can “giveth” or “taketh” away food. They need to understand if they display aggression that food can be removed and if they behave well you are a sourceof a bountiful of food and treats. You want your dog to be cool with the idea that you can approach his food bowl and that all is still well and no need to worry that you are absolutely no threat what so ever.

It is important when learning how to stop food aggression in dogs that you do it correctly. If you take the food away from your dog when he growls you are actually reinforcing that you are a threat and this is the total opposite of the message you are trying to convey.

If their are 2 or more dogs it is a good idea to separate food. It may also be a good idea to keep your dog on a scheduled feeding time.

Training you dog properly is the goal which improves your relationship and enforces that cherished experience of bonding with your beloved pet.

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