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How to Empty or Express Dogs Anal Glands


This video shows you how to empty the anal glands on your dog. Expressing anal
glands on a small dog or in this case, a yorkshire terrier is pretty simple.
This video gives you a clear shot of how to empty the anal glands so you can do
it at home. Emptying anal glands is very important on small dogs because they
sometimes do not empty on their own and can become impacted or full which can
lead to infections in the anal glands. Keep your little dogs healthy by
emptying their anal glands each time you bathe them. This simple, how to video
on emptying anal glands or expressing anal glands in small dogs should be just
what is needed in educating you on how to empty anal glands. This is a video
showing you how to empty anal glands on a yorkie. This video is to show you how
to empty anal glands on a small dog. Our website has many other videos on grooming.

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