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How Do You Stop A Dog From Biting?

How Do You Stop A Dog From Biting?
How to Stop Dog Biting- Tips that can Help you in Ending it Fast
Most of the dog owners are concerned about how to stop dog biting completely. There are several reasons why dog would bite any human being or other animal. Maybe he is either too scared or is just acting in self-defense. Many canines are interested in displaying dominance, and so they bite to show off their aggression. Some dogs engage in “play-biting” where they are just trying to shower affection on their owner. However, dog biting can inflict pain on the other party. We are providing few tips that can be used to stop dog biting.
* Make a loud noise when your dog bites
Although dog owners give toys to their dogs so that they can play with them but in reality they encourage them to bit. When they bite toys, dogs feel that it is okay to bit others as well. In some cases, dog may even bite you when playing with these toys. As and when this happens, you should immediately make a loud noise. This will immediately shock your dog and he may realize that it is a wrong thing to do and won’t repeat that again.
Aside from puppies, this technique can also be used on adult dogs. With regular use of this technique, your dog will become fearful of this kind of situation. However, you should execute it immediately when he bites you so that he understand that this kind of behavior is unacceptable.
* Dominance and authority
Being social animals, dogs bite to establish their leadership in the pack. They mostly use their teeth to give corrections to other dogs in the pack. However, if pet is not trained in a proper way, then he may use his teeth forcefully on you to communicate. If you want to prevent this kind of biting, you should first determine whether dog is nipping our of playfulness or aggression. Then you can take appropriate steps to stop biting.
*Use a muzzle
Until you are successful in training your dog, you should use muzzle for safety reasons. If you are expecting guests or you have kids in your house, then you should muzzle your dog. It helps in preventing dog from biting. If you are taking your dog for a walk, you should keep the muzzle over its snout to prevent any attack from him.
* Security and protection
Mostly puppies bite due to insecurity and for protecting their space. You should never wake your dog abruptly when he is sleeping. In case you want to take your dog’s food away, you should do it slowly, gently and easily. Before moving your dog from bed, you should coax him gently to avoid getting bitten by him.
* Eliminate fear biting
Most of the dogs face fear biting problem. Although canines are amiable creatures, but their survival instincts may kick in when they feel threatened in any situation. They actually bite in self-defense. You can eliminate fear biting by raising the self confidence of your dog.
Don’t keep your dog locked in cage for hours, instead, you should introduce him to new environments and surroundings. Take him to parks where other dog owners come, and allow him to interact and play with other dogs. Avoid punishing or reprimanding your dog frequently as this will aggravate biting problem.

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