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Hand Signals For Dogs – Teaching Your Dog Sit Stay

Hand Signals For Dogs – Teaching Your Dog Sit Stay

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Hi Heidi Caccamise here with my future son in law Xavier and my best friend man dog Frisbee.

0:05 Have you wondered what are the right hand signals for dogs when you are doing some training?

In this video Xavier and Frisbee are going to demonstrate some basic hand signals for the most common commands.

0:15 You don’t have to make this complicated…there is only so much you can do with your hand.
You have 3 options really, a closed fist usually with a treat inside, an open hand or a pointed finger.

0:24 Let’s start with an open hand and a just a sit command. Xavier will demonstrate with Frisbee….

Every time a dog does what you want them to do make sure you reward them with a treat.

0:39 Using hand signals for dogs is so simple because they are so
eager to learn.

0:44 Now Frisbee learned to do this quite a while ago but if you are just starting to teach your dog to sit you would want to start with a treat in a closed fist and hold it in front of your dog and then move it back over his head. 0:54 This creates the physical action for the dog who is focused on the treat to lean back into a sit position. When he’s sitting give him the treat immediately.

1:04 Xavier will try to demonstrate the motions of this with Frisbee but since Frisbee already sits he might jump the gun. You can see how he holds the treat in front of his nose and then moves it up over his head.

1:18 Next you want to get your dog comfortable holding the sit position. This is referred to as a sit stay. So, first use your hand signal to get your dog to sit and reward them for the sit with a treat.

1:28 You can start training him to hold the sit by holding up your index finger or an open hand signaling him to stay and you can reward with treats for the stay as well. 1:36 You stay standing close to him and continue to give rewards every 5 to 10 seconds that he holds the stay.

1:48 You should fully release him and start over to repeat and practice. The best way to release a dog from a training position is to simple say with authority “okay” 1:57 Always make sure you actually release them or they might sit there forever.

2:11 The sit stay command is very important and using hand signals for dogs makes this pretty easy to teach.

2:18 To take the sit stay a little further what you want to do after you have your dog just holding the sit while you are standing close is to move away a few feet and ask him to stay by holding up your hand or finger and saying stay. 2:29 Walk towards him every 3 to 5 seconds initially and reward with a treat. Then release him.

2:34 Once again Xavier and Frisbee will demonstrate. You can see he is getting further and further away and then he’s going to walk back and reward him for staying. 2:48 You can do this multiple times as long as he’s focused and cooperating.

3:02 To take the sit stay training further first just increase the time between treats while you stand at the same distance. Repeat this process but move further away. 3:09 You can add distractions like a doorbell ringing to make this command even stronger with your dog.

3:14 I would recommend practicing the sit and sit stay as long as it takes for your dog to comfortably sit and stay no matter what you are doing and only get up when he is released with the command of “okay”

3:23 If he comes out of the sit guide him back but don’t reward him because he will get confused by the reward. Just start again and only reward him for staying.

3:30 So you can see that using hand signals for dogs is really simple but also is super important to learn.

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4:05 Watch for the next video which takes the sit stay to the next step which is the down command using hand signals.

4:10 Thanks again for watching and I wish you an awesome life with your furry friend.

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