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Grooming the Wire Fox Terrier with Eric Salas (Skin & Coat)

Watch as Professional Handler/Groomer demonstrates how to create a perfect coat on a Wire Fox Terrier. Create the deepest colors, the whitest whites, the thickest furnishings and the hardest texture. This video was filmed during the Grooming workshop hosted by Chiara Piccionetti in Rome Italy. Eric will demonstrate in detail how to use the Panagenics™ Conditioner, Panagenics™ Shampoo, Panagenics™ Hydrating spray, and Panagenics™ Texture Crystals.

Welcome to the Eric Salas Series Grooming and Handling YouTube Channel brought to you by Panagenics™

This is the most in-depth channel on creatively and efficiently grooming and training dogs. See the latest techniques and the best products and tools available.

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