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Grooming Aggressive Dog with Owner Assistance

This is a hard video for me to watch as well have been the groomer involved. The dog was turned away by other groomer. They wouldn’t finish him. I am all about working with aggressive dogs but it’s still not easy. So, at times I have the pet parent assist. In this situation the pet parent is younger. She releases as much as I do. The dog doesn’t know me. So usually bringing the pet parent into the picture the parent can say “NO” and “STOP” and force the pet to agree to disagree at least so I can get in and out. We can’t accomplish that here. The energy from the pet parent is lenient so the pet is able to do and act as it wants to. The pet parent said the dog never acts like this at home. But, he does act like this here or with the prior groomer. I can’t fix this dogs behavior in a 20 minute groom session but I can suggest tips for the parent which is why this video is loaded here. Keep in mind, my heart is beating fast, I’ve been lunged at with this dog who’s tried to bite me almost the entire time, I’m on edge too trying to accomplish the task. By any means I apologize if I’m firm with the pet owner, but being there and working with this dog is not all you see in this one video. Working with aggressive dogs is not fun. I don’t mind it. But, it’s really tolling trying to figure out how to get through the task. Come check out my salon in Haltom City, TX and check out our website at We are a specialty retail store and pet groom store. We groom one pet at a time. I love what I do and by all means do not know it all. I try to educate and share so people can see and learn. I hope this helps you. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all. No one has time for negativity. If you feel you can do my job come on down, I challenge you to do what I do right in my salon with me. God Bless. Support my business by purchasing with me.

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