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Fort Worth TX Shelter Rescue ~ Risu: Congestive Heart Failure

♥ Available For Adoption ♥
UPDATE – Risu has been ADOPTED! ♥
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Little Risu is ready for a family of his own! ♥
He’s a quirky lil’ guy but ohhhh so sweet!
Risu does have some health issues but don’t try to tell HIM that!
Risu is heartworm positive (and he has been undergoing the “slow kill” method).
He has a heart murmur as well (which doesn’t slow him down one bit).
He was initially diagnosed with CHF (congestive heart failure) but once the upper respiratory infection and heartworm issues were addressed, that diagnosis became unfounded.
Risu has slight luxation of the patellas in both rear knees – but not something that requires intervention at this point.
He is estimated to be 5-6 years old – and is around 4 lbs.
Risu has very likely experienced some pretty traumatizing abuse at some point in his life (likely ongoing) – which has left him with “cage aggression” – in that, he becomes very fearful and aggressive when shut in a cage, kennel or even small room (when closing the door). He will growl, become defensive, lunge and while he hasn’t ever with us, he may bite in this situation if he feels threatened.
Risu is NOT “an aggressive dog” – he is responding to a history of being terrorized by someone/something when he was somehow confined. Outside of confinement, he is a perfect gentleman, a lover, sweet snuggler and wants nothing more than to be carried around, coddled and showered with affection.
Unfortunately, the negative confinement behavior will not allow us to place Risu with a family having children (of any age) and he will require patient, understanding counterparts to help him through a new adjustment as he transitions within a new family and routine.
Risu does beautifully with female small breed dogs but is not as welcoming of other males.
See Risu’s first video when he arrived to us back in October, here:

See Risu’s update video here:
If you are interested in giving this special boy a forever place in your world – please complete and submit our online adoption application (linked below) and / or contact me with any questions.
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