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Elderly Man Fights off Aggressive Tibetan Mastiff in Shandong

An elderly man fought off a large and fierce Tibetan Mastiff on the morning of Feb 6 in Yantai City of east China’s Shandong Province.

The 62-year-old man surnamed Sun had just walked out of his house when he was attacked by the mastiff, which rushed out of a nearby factory. Surveillance footage showed the man wrestling with the dog in a ferocious scuffle.

“I hit back when it jumped at me suddenly. It was so strong that I was instantly taken down by it. And then I kept fighting with it,” recalled Sun.

Sun struggled with the 75-kilo mastiff before finally gaining the upper hand, and held the dog pressed to the ground for about 30 minutes, tightly holding its neck. The incident took place over the Chinese Lunar New Year period meaning all factory workers were on vacation, forcing Sun to call on his relatives and friends for help.

The attack left Sun with injuries to his stomach and arms.

“I have not got full strength to use my arm, which still hurts. The wound has almost recovered,” he said.

Sun revealed he has been practicing martial arts in his spare time, which undoubtedly helped him survive the fight.

Authorities said they will work together with the epidemic prevention department of animal husbandry to punish the dog’s owner as large hunting dogs are banned from being raised, according to one local police officer.

The mastiff has apparently lived around the yard for five years. More on:

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