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Dog Training in Chicago | Pack Leader | Dog Behaviorist

Dog Training in Chicago, dog behaviorist talks about becoming a pack leader –
I’d like you to meet Dan a dog and puppy trainer, and a dog behaviorist.

Hi there, I’m Doggy Dan, a dog behaviorist from The Online Dog Trainer Video Website. I just wanted to make this very short puppy training video giving you just a brief outline of my dog training philosophy. I studied a lot of dog training in Chicago methods before I discovered this one, put it together and it makes total sense.

It’s all about being a pack leader and the only thing that really makes total sense to me and I think it will do to you when I run through it.

And it basically is all about just coming from the basics: Your Dog is a DOG, you can’t think like a human and expect your dog to understand it. And yet it is sort of what we are doing: we apply human psychology to our dog training methods and wonder why it all goes so wrong.

Where it really goes wrong is simply this:
Your dog is 99.8 percent DNA of a wolf, and if you look at the wolf pack, there are leaders and followers. So, if you tell your dog that he is a leader then it is going to go wrong. Whatever are your dog issues, whether it is dog aggression, dog barking, or dog separation anxiety I can guarantee you that fundamental issue that you really need to have a look at is how to be a pack leader. Put that thing right, become a pack leader, and the rest of the dog training procedures will start fitting into place. So take care and love your dog!

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Don’t let us dogs rule over you! Click the video below for Dan’s chalkboard scribbles further explaining dog-human relationship.
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