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Dog Rescue: Socrates. Hope For Paws & Bill Foundation. Music by Derek Luttrell (Please share)

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Lyrics to the song:

Every city street looks the same
When you’re unwanted and untamed
And every night is colder when you’re alone
One week since I’ve eaten, I’m beat and I wanna go home

The people passing by don’t understand
Seems they ain’t got time for man’s best friend
I’m sure they would if they could only know
Been weeks since I’ve eaten, I’m beat and I wanna go home

Mister can you help me out, This world’s got me feeling so blue
I’m just a flea bitten old dog with just about nothing to lose

Now I’ve got me a place, you know it ain’t half bad
With a nice warm bed, the best that I’ve ever had
And those troubled times they seem so long ago
Now I’m happy and free in my home sweet forever home

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