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Hi dog owner! Are you a dog pack leader? In order to train your dog properly you have to become one, there’s no other way to succeed.

Let’s watch Dan explaining “dog pack leader” on a chalkboard.

In a wild there is an alfa male wolf, an alfa female wolf often known as a breeding pair and they make all the big decisions. Then in the pack there are the other cubs, the other adult wolfs down here. They moan and growl about who’s in charge just like sibling rivalry really, but they know that pack leaders are here making all the big decisions. And that’s how is going to work best.

And so what you want to make sure is that you are giving your dog all the right messages that you and your partner or any other humans up there, children, visitors are at the top and your dog is down at the bottom. That’s how is going to work best. If you got more than one dog than they will decide their hierarchy down at the bottom but it doesn’t really matter.

This is how it is in most houses or in almost every house I go to: the dog is at the top, the people are down the bottom wondering why the dog makes all of the decisions, protecting the property, running away, doing what he wants, and they can’t get control over him.

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And in the dog video website basically one of the most important sections of that site is how to become a pack leader instead of being ruled by your dog and of course the five golden rules that I show you are the principles behind becoming a pack leader.

How simple is that? Subscribe to my video channel for more dog training tips, and visit my website at

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