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Crappy Neighbors

When we moved into our home, we asked the neighbors to keep their dog out of our yard. My husband is an amputee & has unique problems when he steps in dogshit or in a hole. He can’t bend his leg to look at the bottom of his foot so he had to take his prosthesis off to clean the mess from his shoe. Stepping into the holes that the dog dug jarred his stump within the socket, causing swelling and pain. We got a most unexpected response from these people. If my husband stepped outside, the kids would lurch about their front yard saying “here comes Frankenstein.” Things went downhill from there. Among other things: -The kids were known for vandalism all over the neighborhood. They broke windows & slashed tires for fun. -The basketball goal was in the road illegally. The kids refused to move for cars. It was so bad that realtors went around the block rather than confront the kids. They moved the goal to the curb opposite our driveway. They screamed at me: “I was here first, it’s my g-d street, I’m not f-ing moving.” We filed a complaint with Code Enforcement so that the basketball goal had to be put in their driveway, just like every other home in the county. -All the neighbors often saw them move one tag from vehicle to vehicle. These guys also have citations for speeding, careless driving, & driving without a valid license. -Mom told the kids to flip me off whenever they saw me. -After each episode of vandalism, we called the police. No action was ever taken. The neighbors threatened to sue us for saying that we thought their kids were responsible. Our attorney really laughed at that. The kids bragged at school about the things they did to us. -The kids sicced the dog on my kids en route to the bus. Later, the dog was deemed vicious for attacking. Hmmm, I wonder why? -The mom was arrested for stealing groceries. When the cops tried to pick her up, she ran & left her youngest child in the parking lot. She was charged with the shoplifting, resisting, & child abandonment. -At least 4 families have moved because of this family. One woman asked the kids not to curse in front of her young children. The kids sat at her curb & screamed obscenities every day. -These kids harrassed & ran off any black kids that came to visit anyone on the block. -When we filed the formal complain, we learned that there were a dozen formal complaints filed against this family. The guy’s brother was head of hiring for the county civil service. Our attorney took issue with that and our complaint was finally served. The family was forced to pay a $75 fine and put up a fence. Which, BTW, is not used to keep the dogs in the back yard. They just open the front door & let them out, just like they always did with their kids. -The dogs are not vaccinated until a citation is issued. Since 1994, the older dog Buddy has been vaccinated perhaps 4 times that we know of. The only other time a dog is taken to the vet is if they are injured when they attack another dog. Both are deemed vicious, with Buddy having 2 attack complaints on record.

Do You Have Bad Pet Neighbors


At some time in our life we will probably live next door to a bad pet neighbor. It could be someone whose dog barks all night or it could be someone that doesn’t like dogs or harasses you about your dog for some reason. Unfortunately if you have pets you will probably come across someone like this sooner or later. But we can do some things to make the situation easier.

If your neighbor mistreats his pets in any way and is cruel to them, contact your local animal control. Before you contact animal control you need to be certain of your facts especially if you also have pets. Keeping and caring for our pets can be subjective. We don’t all care for our animals the same. You might think that your dogs should live inside your house and sleep on your bed and your neighbour might think that all dogs should live outside. This doesn’t mean that his dogs are cruelly treated. If you think that there is something wrong you should contact animal control to go and see if something is wrong. But by doing this your neighbour could hold a grudge against you. He might even retaliate against you. Animal Control will follow your state legal statutes and won’t even consider the comfort levels of the pets belonging to your neighbour. Carefully consider your decision before you call animal control. Many neighbors that have had good relationships have had those relationships turn bad because one neighbor has called animal control about the other neighbour. Before you call animal control make sure that abuse is really involved first. Some dog breeds, like Afghan Hounds or Salukis are naturally thin dogs. Owners of these dogs have been reported because others have thought that these dogs were underweight when these dogs were being cared for.

If you are concerned about something with your neighbors pets talk to your neighbor. Try to be non-judgmental and polite. What does your neighbor have to say? Write down your conversation so you can refer to it if needed later. If your neighbor came to you about your pets would you become upset? Be careful on how you approach your neighbor.

Could this be a case of someone that needs some short term help with their pets? Your neighbor may be elderly or not feeling well. They could be in need of a helping hand and would be grateful if you would help. There could be other problems in their family or they may need to be away from their home temporarily. Have a polite conversation with your neighbor and ask if you can help in any way. This approach is much better that just calling Animal Control.

You might also have a neighbor that has dogs that have behavior problems. They could be allowed to run loose or maybe they bark all night. The best solution would be talking to your neighbor without anger. Before you speak to your neighbor ask yourself if your children or dogs do anything that bothers the neighbors. Do your dogs bark sometimes? Have your kids ever broken a window? How about having a teenager that plays his drums every evening? Are your garbage cans left sitting on the side of the road for days? There is a good chance that your family does something that may annoy your neighbors. In most neighborhoods they usually practice a give and take situation. Think about what your family could be doing to annoy the neighborhood before you hire a hit man to fix your problems. Practice tolerance. Contact Animal Control as a last resort to take care of barking dogs etc.

You may need a lot of patience if you encounter a bad pet neighbor that complains about your pets constantly about everything that they do. The law usually takes the side of the person lodging the complaint. You can’t ask the dog when he barked and how can you prove when your dog barked or did not bark. Make sure that your dog doesn’t bark excessively and keep them well contained. Also make sure that your dogs have proper tags and licenses and that your dogs are up to date on vaccinations in a case Animal Control makes a visit to you. When Animal Control visits you try to explain the situation and then try to abide by the rules that pertain to your neighbors complaint.

Try to do some self-examination and decide if you are a good pet neighbor. Do you complain a lot about your neighbors? In your neighborhood are you or your pets causing any problems? Are your neighbors making complaints about you?

If you want to be a good pet neighbor and also have good pet neighbors there needs to communication. Make sure that you and your neighbors keep the communication open and then everyone will benefit, primarily your pets.

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