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Clicker Dog Training: STOP Leash Pulling!

This is an exercise that supplements the techniques that I have presented on this topic already. It is not by any means a conclusive, end-all solution to stop leash-pulling. However, after having worked through everything else mentioned in my other videos on teaching loose leash walking, I find that a lot of dogs learn very quickly with this approach that they must not pull if they want to continue the walk. It is important to note however, that using food as a reward after every ’roundabout’ may cause some dogs to pull just so they can come around for a reward. Using food rewards occasionally should eliminate this problem.


How to teach Loose Leash Walking (PART 1):
‘Getting your dog to stay next to you’

‘Helping your dog relax and be calm on walks’

How to teach your dog the HEEL position demonstrated in this video:

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