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Chihuahua w/congestive heart failure cough

This is my 8yr old pure breed apple head chihuahua Izzy. She has congestive heart failure this is how her cough sounds. It is very close to the same sound as kennel cough at first I thought that’s what it was but she was vaccinated it took the Dr 3 months to figure this out because her symptoms where sporadic they even treated her for kennel cough. It came down to us having rush her to the emergency room because her breathing became labored and it seemed like she was struggling for every breath. She now takes lasisic (furosemide) 6.25mg 2x a day and enalapril 1.25mg 2x a day. Without her meds she will slowly suffocate is what the dr say with treatment she has many more years. I hope this helps everyone!

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