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Canine Bladder Control Helps Dog Bladder Infections – from Only Natural Pet Store

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Why your pet needs Only Natural Pet Canine Bladder Control

“Oops, sorry about that!” You can tell from their eyes that they didn’t mean to wet the floor or the bed, but somehow, it happened anyway. It’s a messy problem that can cause anxiety and embarrassment for you and for your dog.

Urinary incontinence can develop with or after a bladder infection or due to weakening of bladder muscles, which sometimes develops in female dogs after spaying. In older dogs of either sex, lower levels of hormones and slower nerve responses are thought to play a role in the problem. Whatever the cause, urine leakage is an issue that causes stress for everyone.

With our best selling Canine Bladder Control, you can help them recover their composure and end anxiety and worry over leaking accidents. This formula contains a powerful combination of herbs, hormone-supportive botanicals, and Vitamin B6 that work together to help support your dog’s bladder muscle function and maintain bladder health. Ideal for spayed and senior dogs to help them maintain bladder control – our customers give it rave reviews (Please read their stories below the product description).

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