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Be the Pack Leader~ 10 Examples of Cesar’s way!

~ One Person’sTribute to Cesar Millan’s Way ~
Based on his new best seller:
“Be the Pack Leader”
Home Video: One Viewer’s Success Stories
10 key demonstrations of Cesar’s way with problem dogs,
as applied by a “non-professional” dog lover.

1. My story in Chapter 7: a red-zone (agression) rescue.
Understanding “training” vs behavior rehabiliation differences.

2. “Claiming” the space ~ furniture to open doors to other humans

3. Walking Dogs – by riding bikes safely!

4. Multi-dog walking and biking – creating the pack dynamic.

5. Unsocialized cattle dog – how good dog teaches bad dog.

6. Low esteem/fearful dog rehabilitation.

7. Multi-state/Multi dog rescue transport – when there is only hours or d
ays to make behavior change.

8. Mutilple biter/food & toy agressive problem dog rehab.

9. Treadmill Dog safety tips when leashed.

10. Leashless treadmill dogs – the next step ~
when intent and visualization create the outcome!

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