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Army Veteran, Lauren Trathen shares her amazingly beautiful life with her service dog, who happens to be the world’s cutest Beauceron. Lauren was involved in a serious car accident. Her injuries from the accident left her with brain trauma, suffering from seizures and physical injuries. When it came to her rehabilitation, Lauren chose to forgo a wheelchair and chose Jamais, a Beauceron to be her service animal. Not only does Jamais assist in her physical recovery but mentally and spiritually as well. Jamais is loving, confident, and watchful nature are the perfect prescription for helping Lauren live life to the fullest. Beauceron are amazing pets as well as working dogs. If you plan on getting this dog breed, be prepared for an active lifestyle. This breed is not a couch potato and requires physical as well as mental stimulus. Lauren has Jamais participating in dog sports like herding, dock diving, obedience, and even doing dog tricks. collie speed fox sports westminster dog show agility classes

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