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Aggressive Muzzled Pit Bull Socialize w Dominant M

Prince the Pit Bull (Staffordshire Terrier) socializing with BIG Brutus Maximus Rottweiler. (I am not a professional trainer, but I know everyone behind the computer watching is, so please let me know how bad of a job I did and how much better you are at even attempting to be around 2 massive beasts with bite forces high enough to crush bones)
Highly aggressive Pit Bull attempts to socialize with dominant Rottweiler pt2
Pit Bull has history of attacks including one on a human and several dogs. The only reason he is still here is the attacks were on his own property, but word is the dog is on thin ice and is to be put down if he attacks again. He tore up his own muzzle so I donated Hanks old one to the owner. This is part 2 and her son is not around so I took Prince myself and was extremely impressed with his temperament for being a dog that is vicious. Prince has a lot of potential as you can see and is actually a very very sweet dog. I would bet my dogs lives if I had Prince for a week, not only would Prince become trusting friends with Brutus, he would improve around all other dogs as well. It looked to me that he loved the ball and is so sad I could not take his muzzle off to play with him as his owners are not confident enough. Not only is Prince trusting me more and more, but the owners as well as they are freaked out about socializing Prince. I am helping Prince and his owners learn to socialize. We hope you enjoy this encounter. Thanks for the positive comments. (Those here to criticize me, I would love for you to make your own training or socialization video to show me how it’s done since you are so bad ass and an expert) But something tells me you won’t bc of your blank avatar, 0 subscribers and 0 videos…Be a man, do the right thing and stfu if you are here to bash my dogs and I. You never know when I am going to make the next troll calling out video which means I show the world your comment and how you harass us, so just do yourself a fkn favor and stfu…Anyone remember who fids82 is? The mother effer learned the hard. Just shut your mouth, or I will call you out. Just like Donald Trump

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