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Aggressive dog Rehab

This is a typical dog that comes to us for training and this is the typical results we get on the first training session of just 1 hour. the issue is communication and lots of times folks struggle with communicating with their dogs. We say things and our dogs do not hear us, our dogs say things and we do not hear our dogs. This dogs has struggled with dogs for a while and just the day before lunged so hard that she got away from her owner and attacked another dog. The main focus of this training exercise is to get some basic obedience and a state of mind so the owner can start having a conversation with the dog. Utilizing tools, techniques and philosophies that I have shared with thousands of dogs and owners, you will see in a few short minutes how we can achieve a fundamental change in the dogs state of mind that will make a dramatic difference in the dogs behavior.
Jeff Gellman
Solid K9 Training


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