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Does My Dog Need a Playmate

I put my GoPro on our German Shepherd and we left to go to dinner. I cut out her running back and forth about 3 or 4 more times from the door to the windows while we were leaving and she was whining, but she always went back to the closet and her dog bed.

Does My Dog Need a Playmate


While people work, whether it is day or night, their dog has to stay home alone. Many people worry that while they are away that their dog maybe lonely. You may feel guilty that you have to leave your dog alone. When you leave the house your dog may cry or whine. If your dog has behavior problems he could destroy your things while you are gone. Some people wonder if their dog had a playmate to play with they are gone would their dog be happier. Is that true?

To begin with, do you think that your guilt is well-founded? Many of us need to work and that does mean that the dog will have to be left alone. We really can’t be with our dogs every waking moment. You should really have some time away from your dog. Your dog also needs some down time to himself.

Dogs usually sleep when their owner are gone. When you get home your dog is there to greet you at the door but chances are good that he just got up from his nap. Your dog’s hearing is excellent. He more than likely heard your car pull into the driveway. He can also hear you come into your apartment building. He hasn’t spent the whole day pining for you.

But of course there are some dogs that do not follow this relaxing life. Some dogs suffer from a psychological condition known as separation anxiety. If your dog has this condition he may bark, cry, whine and defecate in the house and destroy anything and everything while you are not with him. This could be real separation anxiety, which would need some behavior modification and your dog may need medication or it could be that your dog is just sad to see you go to work. It may be that your dog cries and barks when you leave him but if he picks up a rawhide, takes a nap or starts to occupy himself in other ways, your dog probably doesn’t have real separation anxiety. Your dog knows how to deal with your absence.

You could still get another dog as a playmate. Your dog could enjoy having a playmate to play with. Make sure that you are going to have enough time for a second dog. Two dogs are way more demanding that one. There is twice the exercise, twice the grooming, twice everything. Two dogs can also play wildly in the house and they can be twice as naughty. But of course you will also get twice as much comforting and loving.

How will your dog react to another dog? Some dogs will not like to have another dog in their house. They can be just as possessive and jealous as people can be. If you and your dog have a strong bond he may not want to share another dog with you. They may not like each other at all and then you will have to rehome the new dog.

Your dog may get along with other dogs in impersonal places but that doesn’t mean that he will accept another dog into his home. Think it through before you get another dog. It could be very tense inside your home while your dog decides whether to accept the new dog or not.

Before getting your dog a playmate consider everything. Will you have enough time? How will your dog react? Once you have though it through you can decide if you and your dog should invite another dog into your home.

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