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18 Dogs You Won’t Believe Existed |Tibetan Mastiff| Kangal | Pitbull | German Shepher

18 Dogs You Won’t Believe Actually Existed! | Guard Dogs
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25 Dog You Won’t Believe Actually Existed | Guard Dogs

Science Experiment On Dogs
In 1954 Vladimir Demikhov shocked the world by unveiling a surgically created monstrosity: A two-headed dog.
No Neck Dog
It’s impossible not to stare at This cute little dog Name Pig. I know it looks like one of those fake animals created with Photoshop to draw clicks on websites, yet she’s real.
Caucasian Shepherd
This is one of the Biggest Guard dogs ever. Impressive Huh? In the past this dog is mainly use to guard the sheep since the dog have a huge body and enormous power enables it to fight off Wolves or even bears if necessary.
Giant George-was a blue Great Dane previously recognized as the world’s tallest living dog, and the tallest dog ever. He is officially measure astounding 42 inches tall.
Longest Tongue-Puggy, a male Pekingese with a tongue that measures 4.5 inches long, lives in Texas with his owner, Becky Stanford.
Most tennis balls in mouth-Dogs love to chase tennis balls, but perhaps no pup loves the chase more than Augie, an 8-year-old golden retriever who holds the world record for most tennis balls in the mouth at one time.

Biggest Dog Found On Earth
Caucasian Shepherd | Kangal | Pitbull | rottweiler | German Shepherd

Jack Russell Rides Miniature Horse
Seven-year-old miniature horse Spanky, who stands at just 32 inches tall and his pal Dally, a six-year-old Jack Russell Terrier were rescued by horse trainer Francesca Carson

Pitbull Hulk
This dog is the world largest pit bull. Only 18 month old hulk weight about 175 pounds.

am The Painting Dog aka The Doggy Da Vinci
Sam the painting dog. Holding his brush like an old master, Sam the painting dog is the Leonardo Da Vinci of the canine art world. selling $1700 a piece. I moving to another planet guys.

A Dog That Makes $15,000 A Month.
The offline job market is terrible, but it’s reassuring to know that anyone with a cool dog and lots of stylish clothes can ride social media fandom all the way to successful Internet entrepreneurship. Menswear Dog, a Shiba Inu who wears suits for humans, is fetching upward of $15,000 a month

Norman The Dog Rides A Bike
Meet Norman,A dog that can do things that, well, your average American dogs cannot. And now, his new trick is riding a bike.
(2)8. The Breakfast Maker.

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